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Auto Electrical

As our name would suggest, this is our speciality. We can test and replace malfunctioning batteries, alternators, starters, ECU's, power steering, headlights, and more. We can install audio systems and upgrade your lights while we're at it, along with any accessories that catch your eye in the shop. We also work on solar and battery powered vehicles, and we're not limited to cars, we can do all your auto electrical work for motorcycles, caravans, agricultural equipment, trailers, and trucks.

The services listed above are by no means exhaustive. If you have an issue we didn't mention here, give us a call to find out if we can help.


Many times when a warning lights up on your dashboard, it doesn't provide any actual information about the nature of the problem. With the constantly increasing complexity of modern vehicles, sometimes half the battle can be finding out where the problem resides!

We come well equipped for that battle with the most up to date diagnostic tools which allow them to receive detailed reports from your vehicle's on-board computer, giving them all the information they need to deduce the nature of the problem.

On Site Service

If you are having an electrical problem with your vehicle such that you cannot bring it into the shop, then call us to book an appointment and we can come to you.


We can install a wide range of systems and accessories for you, including: Cruise Control systems, Polaris bluetooth navigation systems, and LED driving lights to name just a few.

Please call us for more information if you have any questions regarding installation.

Air Conditioning

In the summer months, driving without air conditioning can feel like you're sitting in an oven with wheels. Don't sweat it out if your AC isn't up to snuff, come and see us. We are fully ARC licensed, and can perform all manner of repairs, installation, and regassing to make sure that you don't cook this summer.

Batteries and Accessories

There are a wide range of accessories here at A+ Automotive Electrical. If you're in a 4WD, click here or if you're in a passenger vehicle, click here!

There's few things more annoying than getting ready to drive to work, turning the key, and being met with a sudden silence. Good quality batteries last substantially longer thean the cheaper option in the long run, making them more economic in the long run.

Here at A+ Automotive Electrical we stock a wide range of batteries for all passenger vehicles, 4WD vehicles, as well as marine batteries.

If you need a new battery, contact us today!


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